Book Review: The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

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As I love writing poetry and reading novels as well ,I have been meaning to write a review on a few books that I have read in the past few years  or so.Now I am probably one of the last few bookworms who has not given their view on this critically acclaimed story The Alchemist By Paulo Coelho. With high hopes and great expectations I bought it to see if it really was a magical story.

As I read the book I was hesitant and apprehensive about it, some of my friends have read this book and loved it.So I was hoping to have this experience as well .

But to my  disappointment I was left feeling some what empty like the book didn’t give me enough or wasn’t very satisfying for me. Am one of these people who loves stories about kings and travelling , love and hope etc etc. Maybe because this book was so overrated that I expected more.

I mean don’t get me wrong it is so beautifully written and it captures your imagination and you do feel like Santiago at some point in our lives so his character was easy to relate to. At some point in our lives  we do have those questions about our purpose in this world being born a Muslim and knowing that my purpose is to worship my creator this book is more about following your dreams and doing what you are born to do and what mark will you leave on the world?what legacy?.There are some strong powerful quotations that one can ponder on for the rest of their lives.But over all the book great and it teaches us about some of  life’s greatest challenges and relies that one follows a path that has been already created the Author use some Arabic words such as “Maktub” which means its all written for us , whether good or bad things happen they happen for a reason and God knows best .

For my brothers and sisters in faith I do recommend this book not only is it a marvelous read but it somehow recharges your faith in yourself and in God.

Overall a good read if you love perfectly written stories I would defiantly recommend it to anyone.

Book Retail Price:£7.99

Amazon Kindel E-Book:£2.99

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