Ramadan 2012

Ramadan ( Blog coming soon)

blessings and forgiveness! 🙂

Asalamalikoum and Hello 🙂

As we are in the Holy month of Ramadan I thought so write a Blog about  my feelings and thoughts that are running through my mind at the moment. This year has been amazing and I really enjoyed Ramadan because it wasn’t easy and the days were long ,and I didn’t interact with many Muslims as my job doesn’t have many Muslims actually am the only one. So it was challenging in my previous work place I was around a lot of brothers and sisters so it made it easier.But I know Allah is with me and thats all that mattered to me the most .Although questions were ask why am not eating or drinking tea because they know I love tea lol but I just saw it as a Chance to do some Dawah so it all good.

Ramadan is so special not just because of the rewards and the blessings but it gives you a chance to get together with your friends and family break fast together and going to the Masjid together.It  also gives you the chance to reflect and ponder about life and how we are so dependent on our creator for everything and some people around the world don’t have the luxuries we have here in the” developed” part of the world.

So at this time of the year we become more grateful and humble and ask for forgiveness from our sins.We also resolve conflicts between family and friends,we believe that this time of year, this holy month the gates of hell are closed and the gates of heaven are open so any deed that is done it will be multiplied and this brings us closer to Allah.This is my favorite time of the year like for Christians they have Christmas.There is  a sense of unity and the Ummah getting together in worship,doing good deeds and thanking Allah for everything. Alhumdu’Allah (All praises to Allah)

But as each year goes by faster and faster am writing this Blog with only 7 days left of this Holy month, and I cant help but feel sad and a little emotional because you never know if you will see be blessed with another Ramadan. So saying goodbye and see you soon Inshallah ( God willing).I hope we all recharged our faith and become better  people Inshallah. 🙂

I hope everyone is having a peaceful and blessed Ramadan 🙂

A Salamalikoum

Peace to all of you



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